Car Accidents

Car Accidents

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Auto accidents are sometimes the fault of one negligent driver or partly the fault of more than one party. Accidents vary from minor to catastrophic, and you should immediately see a doctor even after a minor injury, as some injuries do not appear immediately after a crash. You should document any injuries that the physician identifies.


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Seek Medical Attention, Then Call Us Immediately

As soon as you have attended to your health, speak with an experienced car accident attorney. It is important to gather evidence before it becomes more difficult, such as with locating witnesses. Get the advice and representation you need from a personal injury lawyer. If you are injured and require medical care, make sure you obtain enough in compensation from the insurance companies to cover the costs.


Even if you were partly at fault, you may still be awarded compensation minus a percentage representing your part of the fault.


While the role of an insurance company is supposed to be covering your costs after an accident, they are businesses and they want to maximize profit and minimize payment of proceeds. They may delay or deny your payment. They will certainly try to pay you the least they can.

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Carson & Coil will help you obtain all the funds you need to repair your car, make up for lost wages, pay medical bills and everything else. Our experience in personal injury law allows us to work efficiently to determine the full extent of your injuries and pursue the money you need for proper compensation. We use life-care planners, economists, rehabilitation experts and accident reconstruction professionals to prepare an accurate picture of what you have been through and what you can expect going forward.

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