Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

Carson & Coil can help you receive Social Security Disability benefits from the state of Missouri


Social Security Disability provides benefits to people who can’t work due to a physical or mental condition expected to last for at least one year, if not longer, according to the Social Security Administration’s website. However, the qualifications for social security disability coverage can be limited, and how much you receive from disability payments per month varies by condition.


If you’ve previously applied for Social Security Disability benefits and your application was denied, then you may submit an appeal to review the status and determination for denial of coverage.


Hire an experienced attorney to assist with your Social Security Disability claim


Carson & Coil has assisted in settling Social Security Disability claims and appeals for 30 years, helping Missouri residents get the financial support they need. Our attorneys have a successful track record of winning settlements even after our clients have been denied coverage in the past.


We will walk you through each step of the appeal process to help you understand the program, why you didn’t qualify, and how to help you receive approval. While we cannot obtain medical records on your behalf, we can inform you about the necessary documentation to provide as evidence to the Social Security Administration. Having legal representation can help the appeals process and make the courtroom feel less intimidating, knowing you have an advocate on your side looking out for your best interest.

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