A Guide to Family Law in Mid-Missouri

A Guide to Family Law in Mid-Missouri

How to Know if I Need a Family Law Attorney in Jefferson City, Mo 

Family law is a complex topic that encompasses several categories of law, including domestic violence, divorce, child support and adoption. Download our Family Law Guide to learn more about each focus area within family law. Please be advised, this area of law is sensitive and the following information should not be taken as a legal agreement. Since your case is unique, hiring a trusted family law attorney in mid-Missouri is important to your success.  

Divorce in Mid-Missouri

People throughout the nation and mid-Missouri experience an array of emotions as a marriage ends. Particularly when children are involved, parents wish to make divorce quick with minimal family damage. Understanding common terms and stages throughout the divorce process in mid-Missouri can reduce the risk of legal hassles. Contact a family law attorney in Jefferson City, Mo for more information.

How Do I File for Divorce in Mid-Missouri?

Missouri law states at least one of five factors must be met to legally end a marriage. The marriage is determined broken when participants are not living together for a continuous period of time or participants cannot be reasonably asked to live together. For more details about filing for divorce and the factors required to legally end a marriage, explore our guide to Family Law

Child Support, Custody and Paternity in Mid-Missouri

Child custody and child support are often the most difficult aspects of divorce. When going to court many parents struggle with the thought of losing time with their child. In Missouri, a judge takes many factors into account when determining the custody of a child. In addition, they ensure the child’s best interests are kept in mind when determining child support and how parental custody will be split.

Whether you are establishing paternity, determining child support or deciphering legal terms associated with child custody, our Family Law Guide will help you determine the best course of action for your legal case in mid-Missouri.

Requirements for Adopting a Child in Mid-Missouri

Adoption is often a process that requires a lot of patience and involves a lot of emotions. In Missouri, adoption is eligible once the court has terminated the legal rights of the birth parents. Due to Missouri’s law of honoring the birth parent’s rights, it is important to obtain the birth parent’s consent when adopting.

Our guide to family law offers additional details to the Missouri adoption process. Whether you are adopting for the first time or looking to merge your family with your spouse’s family, understanding the process for your state and county is important. To ensure your success, begin by consulting with a mid-Missouri family law attorney familiar with the Missouri adoption process.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as abuse or other harmful treatment in a marriage, intimate relationship or cohabiting relationship. Extending beyond physical abuse, domestic violence can include financial, psychological, sexual or emotional abuse. 

In Missouri, domestic violence is separated into three levels. The first degree is the most extreme and includes murder and severe harm. The third level is also serious and includes knowingly isolating family members, attempts to physically harm another, offensively touching a family member and intimidating to the point the person fears physical injury. If you are concerned about domestic violence in your relationship or a loved one’s, it is important to talk with a professional as soon as possible.

Download the Family Law Guide for more information!

How Do I Know if I Need a Domestic Violence Attorney in Mid-Missouri?

Identifying abuse can be difficult and many victims find themselves questioning whether or not their partner’s actions are abusive or not. If you suspect you are a victim of domestic violence, contact a domestic violence attorney in Jefferson City, Mo.

Some warning signs of abusive personalities include: controlling actions like demanding you to stop participating in leisure activities, isolating you from friends and family, extremely jealous behaviors and refusal to take responsibility for actions. This list should be used for informational purposes and does not mean your partner is abusive if they show one of these behaviors. For a better understanding of red flags in a relationship, download the Family Law Guide. Expert family law attorneys in Jefferson City, Mo can help you to understand your situation and how to proceed.

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Family Law Attorneys in Mid-Missouri

At Carson & Coil, our family law attorneys excel in matters from divorce to adoption. Whether it be expanding your family, mediating a divorce or discussing an abusive relationship, our nationally ranked family law attorneys in Jefferson City, Mo have extensive experience and work to provide the best outcome for you.

Carla Holste has served the Jefferson City area since 1987. She has earned numerous awards, including being named as a Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyer for multiple years. Her extensive knowledge in family law has allowed her to speak at various seminars and write multiple articles about child support.

Gretchen Yancey focuses on family law in Jefferson City, Mo and surrounding Missouri area. Mrs. Yancey works to ensure the best outcome for her clients and is trained as a Guardian ad Litem. In addition, she is certified as a family court and MARCH mediator. With extensive family law knowledge, Mrs. Yancey excels in child custody.

 Ann Kern practices family law, juvenile law and adoptions in mid-Missouri. As an experienced lawyer in Jefferson City, Mo, Mrs. Kern believes it is her job to make sure her client’s voice is heard by the judge. Whether she is mediating a divorce or battling for custody, she understands the client’s goals and works to accomplish them.

The content given is to be used for informational purposes only. This blog is created for your benefit and does not signify an agreement Carson & Coil will be able to represent you in the future.

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