Helpful Documents And Tools For Your First Visit With An Attorney in Mid-Missouri

Helpful Documents And Tools For Your First Visit With An Attorney in Mid-Missouri

Is it your first time visiting a law firm in Jefferson City or Columbia, MO? At Carson & Coil, we understand the stress associated with meeting attorneys in mid-Missouri. Whether you are filing for divorce, fighting for custody or seeking counsel for a new business, our lawyers are here to answer your questions. Get to know our lawyers and their specialties to determine your best option.

Important Documents To Provide Your Mid-Missouri Attorney

The best way to ease your nerves and get the most out of your consultation is to come prepared. Meeting with an attorney in Jefferson City, MO or Columbia, MO begins by printing copies of pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage payments, etc. prior to the meeting.  These documents ensure your lawyer has the necessary information to process your case. Additional forms may need to be filled out depending on the type of case. Explore downloadable forms or contact us with any questions.

Maximize Your Time With Your Attorney in Mid-Missouri

How To Prepare For Your Consultation With Carson & Coil

Legal action can be a daunting process. By coming prepared to your meeting, you not only get the most out of our services, but you will also gain better understanding of what legal action is necessary for your case. 

Copies of Forms 

Print and leave necessary forms with your lawyer. This will save time and give your attorney the information they need to understand the case at hand.

Brief Summary 

Write a brief summary of the situation prompting you to take legal action. By writing down notes before hand, you ensure that no major details are forgotten. In this brief summary, jot down any witnesses that may potentially be contacted for more information. 

List of Questions

It can be easy for important questions to slip your mind in the midst of a meeting with an attorney. Begin a list of questions you want to ask your lawyer about aspects of the legal process that are unclear to you.  Sometimes it is hard to think of questions on the spot, a general list will give you peace of mind. 

Contact Information

Provide contact information for yourself, but also for others who may need to be reached. Ensure this information is up to date and includes the best time and method for contact. Constant communication throughout the legal process will ensure your questions are answered.

Questions To Ask Law Firms In Mid-Missouri

Begin your question list by examining the type of case your situation is classified under. Determining whether your case concerns estate planning, insurance, worker’s compensation or personal injury will help you determine the type of questions to ask. 

General Questions 

  • Can you explain to me the legal risks associated with my situation?
  • What are my options going forward, both legal and non-legal?
  • What potential outcomes do you see occurring based on the information given so far? 
  • Are there other specific documents needed besides the ones already given to you?
  • How long do you foresee this process lasting? 
  • What are the payment options for your services? 

Determining Best Legal Action With A Lawyer In Mid-Missouri

Trying to determine whether litigation or negotiation is better for your case? The attorneys at Carson & Coil understand that each case is different and will work to do what is best for you and your situation. Many factors contribute to determining how to proceed, but understanding your options is important. 


The most common form of resolving disputes, litigation begins with filing a dispute before going to trial in front of a jury and judge. For more information contact our Jefferson City, MO litigation practice. 


Negotiation is another form of resolving disputes that allows the dispute to be resolved quickly if done properly. It involves attorneys analyzing the case and reaching out to the opposing lawyer to negotiate a settlement. 

To determine which course of action is best for you, be sure to talk with our law firm in mid-Missouri. Contact our lawyers in Jefferson City, MO and attorneys in Columbia, MO to schedule a meeting.


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