Missouri divorce mediation can save time, money and stress

Missouri divorce mediation can save time, money and stress

Divorces are expensive. However, one proved cost-cutting measure that Missouri couples may wish to consider is divorce mediation. Not only does this approach tend to mean fewer fees, but it also typically results in proceedings that are emotionally less upsetting for both the divorcing couples and any children involved.

Alternative dispute resolution, commonly known as mediation, has become significantly more widespread and popular, to the point that some states even require it in cases of visitation or custody disputes. In fact, evidence suggests that, if a couple uses mediation before it becomes court-mandated, the overall cost is significantly less and the time invested shorter. The main financial benefits of this approach become evident when litigation (one of the most expensive types of divorce) can be avoided through mediation, since the least expensive divorces are those that are uncontested.

Mediation also tends to be a preferable approach when children are involved. Many studies indicate that negative experiences during childhood — for example, a highly contentious divorce — could have lasting mental and physical health outcomes. Dispute resolution — especially early intervention mediation — may help to minimize the negative impact by emphasizing a peaceful resolution.

Divorce mediation tackles all relevant issues, hopefully before contention arises. Asset division, debt payment, child support (and spousal support, if applicable), as well as detailed parenting plans are all addressed. All parties involved agree ahead of time to voluntarily bring pertinent documentation to proceed with the negotiations in a well-informed and courteous manner. The benefits of divorce mediation are becoming so widely recognized, in fact, that many attorneys often do not go to trial without at least suggesting it. Anyone in Missouri who is considering divorce may wish to discuss this alternative dispute resolution approach with an experienced family law attorney.

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