Child Abuse/Shaken Baby

Child Abuse/Shaken Baby

Jefferson City Child Abuse Lawyers

Special Experience in Shaken Baby Syndrome

Allegations of child abuse can be devastating. In addition to the possibility of prison time, families can be torn apart and reputations destroyed. At Carson & Coil, we understand that a conviction must be avoided if at all possible. Our criminal defense lawyers will fight for your freedom and your right to stay involved in your child’s life.


We have successfully challenged criminal charges of child abuse including shaken baby cases. Based in Jefferson City, we provide experienced and aggressive criminal defense in central Missouri and statewide.

Jefferson City Child Abuse Attorneys

Our criminal law attorneys, Doug Hennon and Jason Ludwig, have tried felony child abuse cases across Missouri, and they have served as expert consultants to other law firms in trials involving shaken baby syndrome. We can defend against any criminal charges alleging violence or mistreatment of children:

  • Abusive head trauma and “shaken baby”
  • Criminal neglect, torture or deprivation
  • Child endangerment
  • Child sexual abuse

We have represented fathers and mothers, step parents, boyfriends, siblings and other relatives accused of harming infants or children. We have also defended professionals and people in positions of trust or authority including teachers and daycare workers, coaches, youth directors, doctors, clergy and counselors.

In-Depth Investigations

We examine every facet of the prosecution’s case–from Social Services investigations to police interrogations–to fight the allegations. We have access to medical experts who can dispute a finding of physical abuse and develop other theories such as falling accidents that are more consistent with the child’s injuries.


We are skilled at challenging the child’s story and the authorities’ conduct and conclusions without further victimizing the child. We prepare for the possibility of a trial, and we explore negotiations to limit the harsh consequences of conviction.

Experienced Defense for Criminal Abuse Charges

If you are blamed for an injured child or injured infant, there is too much at stake to trust your life and your case to just any lawyer. Our firm has served central Missouri for 60 years and has established strategies for child abuse defense.


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