Child Custody

Child Custody

Jefferson City Child Custody Lawyers

At Carson & Coil, we understand that your children mean everything to you and that you are willing to fight for them. We also understand that divorce and custody litigation is hard on children and often creates new problems and lasting animosities. Our primary goal in court is to resolve custody disputes, not “win” them.


Our family law attorneys are leaders in their field, and they bring both legal knowledge and a pragmatic approach to issues involving custody, co-parenting and financial support. Located in Jefferson City, we practice in surrounding counties of central Missouri and have litigated complex and high-conflict custody cases statewide.

Jefferson City, Missouri Custody and Visitation Attorneys

Our child custody team is led by attorneys Lori Levine and Carla Holste, both of whom have served as chair of the Missouri Bar’s Family Law Section. They have decades of combined experience in the complex and emotionally tangled legal issues of divorce and child custody:

  • Contested custody and visitation
  • Workable parenting schedules
  • Child support determination, modification or enforcement
  • Modification of parenting time
  • Parental relocation
  • Paternity suits and fathers’ rights
  • Adoptions
  • Grandparents’ rights

We believe that both parents should be actively involved in the child’s life unless there is a history of abuse or neglect. We work with our clients to negotiate a balanced parenting plan that provides structure and stability for children and fosters communication and cooperation between the parents.


However, we understand that another parent may not be willing to negotiate and that some parenting disputes must be decided by a judge. We always position our clients for trial while artfully pursuing the resolution that avoids a courtroom showdown.

Jefferson City Child Custody Attorneys

In or out of court, child custody demands a lawyer be armed with knowledge, creativity and litigation experience. Contact us online or call 573-636-2177 today to discuss your situation.

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