Drug Charges

Drug Charges

Drug Charges

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Drug charges are serious. Whether charged with distributing or selling drugs, manufacturing or growing drugs, or even possessing or using drugs: once a drug-related conviction is on your record, under current law, you can never have it removed. This means that any employer, family member, friend or enemy can see that you have been convicted for a drug offense.

At Carson and Coil, we are experienced in representing clients accused of all types of drug offenses. We recognize that each case is different, because each client is different, and therefore all cases must be handled on an individual basis. We work with our clients to develop strategies designed to meet each client’s needs, whether beating a bogus charge or even helping our clients deal with the issues which led to their criminal charge. What remains the same in every case is the effort, attention, compassion, and skill that we give our clients.

If you or someone you love is in trouble with the law over drug-related issues, please call our criminal defense team at Carson and Coil to get the experienced and help you need.

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