High Net-Worth Divorce

High Net-Worth Divorce

Complex Property Division in Your Missouri Divorce

A high-asset divorce does not necessarily mean a court battle. As with any divorce, an out-of-court settlement depends on the people more than the assets in question, and the issues can be more complicated for a high net-worth couple. Protecting your interests requires shrewd legal representation.


The experienced divorce attorneys at Carson & Coil are recognized in central Missouri and beyond for their strategic counsel in complex divorce cases. We excel at valuing assets and clarifying the legal issues to achieve a fair and efficient split of marital wealth. We are trial lawyers prepared to do battle when necessary.

Jefferson City High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Led by renowned attorneys Carla Holste, Anne Kern & Sarah Hamilton, our divorce team has extensive experience with the complicating factors of high-asset divorce:

  • The marital residence and other real property
  • Valuation of a closely held business
  • Valuation of a professional license or practice
  • Separate property versus marital property
  • Retirement funds and QDROs
  • Stock options and deferred compensation
  • Distribution of joint debts
  • Income disparity and alimony
  • Hidden assets
  • Validity of prenuptial agreements

We have a network of experts such as business valuation experts, real estate appraisers and forensic accountants to help resolve these issues definitively. Our attorneys excel at the creative give-and-take that enables both spouses to protect what is most important and move toward a settlement. We do go to trial in high-conflict divorces, but even then we try to keep litigation focused to keep proceedings on track and client costs in check.

Jefferson City Complex Divorce Attorneys Recognized Across Missouri

Carson & Coil is known for its results in divorce and custody work: Two of our lawyers have chaired the Missouri Bar’s Family Law Section. Ms. Holste, Ms. Kern, & Ms. Hamilton are listed in Best Lawyers in America and are Fellows of the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


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