Long-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability

Jefferson City Long-Term Disability Claim Lawyers

ERISA Disability Claims Litigation in Central Missouri

Most are forced to pay a hefty monthly premium for long-term disability insurance, and it is frustrating to be turned down for benefits when you are unable to work and need to file a claim.


The law firm of Carson & Coil helps individuals fight back against insurance companies when their disability claims are unfairly denied or delayed. ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) lawyers and Mark Ludwig devote a substantial portion of their practice to these cases, serving Jefferson City, Columbia and surrounding counties of central Missouri. Call today to discuss your rights and remedies.

Jefferson City Long-Term Disability Claim Attorneys

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance policies offered through an employer are governed by the ERISA. It does not apply to short-term disability coverage or privately purchased LTD policies.


ERISA sets out certain rules for claims and timely consideration of appeals, but overall the rules are not particularly friendly to claimants, and the federal agency in charge of enforcement does not offer much help. Successfully challenging an ERISA disability claim usually requires hiring an attorney who focuses in this area of the law.


We understand how to counter the insurance industry practices that string claims along, withhold benefits, “lowball” settlements and reject claims on technicalities. We will negotiate directly with the insurer, but we are prepared to go to court if the policy provider continues to play hardball. To hold LTD insurers accountable for their “delay and deny” tactics, we seek full payment of the long-term benefits you were denied, plus interest and attorney fees.


Do I sue my employer? No. Your employer may provide an ERISA-covered plan and may or may not subsidize the premiums, but employers are not involved in approving or denying your LTD disability claim. The dispute is with the private insurance company that issued the policy, collected your premiums and now refuses to pay.

Experienced Insurance Litigation Attorneys

Mr. Ludwig has decades of combined experience in ERISA claims and bad faith insurance litigation. He is committed to getting justice for you to secure the long-term disability benefits you and your family need.

We offer a free initial consultation, and there are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Contact us online today at our Jefferson City location or call us at 573-636-2177.
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