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While many people view divorce as a difficult process, there are many couples who are able to resolve their differences through a smoother process known as mediation. There are many benefits to mediating your divorce or other family law issue, including having more control over the outcome and the ability to develop creative solutions in the best interest of everyone involved.


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What Can Be Resolved Through Mediation?

Mediation can resolve many aspects of your divorce including property division, child custody, visitation, child support and alimony, as well as any other issue unique to your situation. The only requirement is that both parties be willing and able to negotiate their dissolution in a civil manner. In addition to having complete control over the terms of a divorce, reaching a final agreement through mediation typically saves valuable time, money and emotional conflict.


Neither party is bound by terms discussed during the mediation process until a signed and notarized divorce agreement is approved and filed with the court. Should you feel that mediation is not serving your best interests, we will discuss your other options and find more beneficial means of achieving your goals.

We Act As The Mediator During Divorce Proceedings

Your family law mediator plays an important role throughout the mediation process. You need a mediator who has an in-depth understanding of family law in Missouri and significant trial experience to help explain likely outcomes, should your matters be brought before a court.


A family law mediator does not represent either party during the mediation process. He or she is responsible for keeping both parties focused on the benefits of negotiating a resolution and to ensure a successful outcome is reached.

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