Third-Party Lawsuits

Third-Party Lawsuits

Jefferson City Third-Party Claim Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawsuits From a Workplace Accident

You are not necessarily limited to workers’ compensation if you were injured on the job. You cannot sue your employer, however, you may be entitled to additional damages if a third party’s dangerous equipment, negligence or reckless disregard for safety led to your on-the-job accident.


The law firm of Carson & Coil, represents employees in central Missouri and statewide in their workers’ compensation claims to ensure they are fully compensated for losses from a workplace injury. We have also secured monetary damages in personal injury suits against third parties. Our attorneys will explore all potential sources to help you recover after your accident.

Jefferson City Third-Party Claim Attorneys: Beyond the Limitations of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation does not fully replace your wages and does not pay damages for pain and suffering. It may not pay for certain surgeries or medications you need, and it may not cover your lost earning capacity if you are permanently disabled. A personal injury lawsuit can seek additional money to cover what workers’ comp does not. Our attorneys handle all the details and any subrogation claims (offsets to reimburse the Missouri Workers’ Compensation system).


We have represented factory and shop workers, construction workers, commercial drivers, medical workers and a wide range of employees injured on the job. Our lawyers are skilled at identifying third parties and building a case for liability such as:

  • A manufacturer of defective machinery, tools or equipment
  • A subcontractor on the same construction site
  • A property owner who created a safety hazard
  • A motorist who caused an on-duty collision

Our goal is to maximize your compensation through workers’ compensation and any additional claims so you are not left holding the bag for a disabling accident that was not your fault.

Third-Party Lawsuits on Behalf of Injured Workers

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