Documents To Bring To Your Appointment


Please provide us with the documents outlined below. If you are not able to leave the originals of these documents with us, please bring us copies of same. These documents will assist in the development of your case with minimal delay. If these are documents that are not in your possession, please let us know who has possession of them. Also, remember to please continue to provide any documents related to your case as you receive them.


  1. Pay stubs or pay records for the past six (6) months for you and/or your spouse;
  2. Complete copies of your tax returns, including all attachments (W-2s, 1099s, K-1s, etc.) for the last five years;
  3. Copies of all bank statements received in the last six months related to all financial holdings of you and your spouse, including but not limited to checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, investment accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts, savings bonds, etc.;
  4. The legal description for each piece of real estate owned by you or your spouse. Legal descriptions may be found on warranty deeds, deeds of trust, or similar documents. If these documents are not readily available to you, they can be obtained from your lender;
  5. A statement from your mortgage lender that shows the outstanding balance and monthly payment for each and every mortgage;
  6. Titles or pink slips to all motor vehicles which clearly show the Vehicle Identification Number and the year, make, and model of each vehicle that you or your spouse currently possess. This includes boats, motors, trailers, four-wheelers, etc.
  7. Statements for all credit cards, loans, and any other outstanding debt that is substantial for the last six months;
  8. Documents relating to the health insurance the family is covered under now, as well as coverage available through your and your spouse’s employer. We will need documents reflecting the cost of the premium attributable to the employee, and the cost for dependent coverage. If you don’t know the breakdown of the cost to you versus you and your child, please request a statement from your employer immediately;
  9. Documents related to any benefit received by you or your spouse as a result of employment. This would include car allowances, 401(k) plans, and pensions;
  10. Copies of the face sheets to all life insurance policies that have a cash value for any family member, including a statement that shows the current face value. If you have term life insurance policies that have no cash value, we do not need a copy of that insurance policy;




  1. Provide documentation reflecting the cost of child care, including both before and after school care, school year rates, summer rates, private school tuition, and other ongoing regular payments for children, such as music lessons, tutoring, uniforms, etc.;
  2. Local court rules in many central Missouri circuit courts now provide that both parties to any proceeding involving child custody and/or visitation must complete a “Parent Education Program” to educate parents as to the possible detrimental effects of custody litigation on children and how to avoid these negative effects. The Local Rules in the Circuit Courts of Cole, Boone, Callaway, Cooper, Morgan, Moniteau, Miller and Camden Counties, as well as many other central Missouri circuits provide that no case shall proceed to a final hearing until both parties have attended the court approved parent education program. Failure to attend the program could result not only in the delay of a final hearing, but under certain circumstances, could also result in a dismissal of either party’s pleadings or the imposition of sanctions.


If you have not already done so, contact the appropriate office listed below, and make arrangements to enroll in and attend the parenting program required by the court in which your case has been filed and is pending:



Cole County | (573) 634-5303

Cooper County | (660) 882-2232

Boone County | (573) 886-4038

Callaway County | (573) 642-0782

Miller County | (573) 392-8060

Morgan County | (573) 378-4413

Camden County | (573) 346-5616

Moniteau County | (573) 796-2071