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Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help With Your Slip & Fall Accident in Mid-Missouri

The personal injury attorneys at Carson & Coil have over 60 years of experience in building cases for slip and fall accidents in Jefferson City and mid-Missouri.

Not many people realize just how costly a slip and fall accident can be. A slip and fall accident occurs when a person is injured on government, private or commercial property due to falling. While there are many reasons why a person may fall down, not all may result in a personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff, or the injured person, must prove the accident occurred due to the defendant’s negligence in order to receive compensation. Contacting a personal injury attorney to determine if compensation may be rewarded for your case is advised.

Whether the injuries sustained were minor or extensive, having an attorney on your side can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Learn more with our guide to personal injury in mid-Missouri, then contact our team to see how our attorneys can assist you.

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What to Do After a Slip & Fall Accident in Mid-Missouri

Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries and should be taken seriously. While usually the owner of the property is held responsible for the accident, in order to receive the compensation for your injury, you must prove their negligence. Negligence, in this case, is the owner’s failure to take the proper actions to prevent a fall from occurring. For example, not posting a wet floor sign on a recently mopped floor can cause a slip and fall accident. To ensure you recover safely and the at-fault party is held accountable, take the following steps.

  1. Get medical attention immediately after the accident
  2. Inspect surroundings as to what may have caused the fall
  3. If available, talk with witnesses about the accident
  4. Take photos of the scene for evidence
  5. Follow procedures such as filing an accident report
  6. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney

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Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Build Strong Slip & Fall Accident Cases Across Central Missouri

From investigating the case to fighting for your compensation, Carson & Coil’s personal injury attorneys are here to support you.

Representing clients in Jefferson City and the surrounding areas, our personal injury attorneys have created a reputation for high-quality service and professional legal representation in mid-Missouri. Whether you were injured in Columbia, Boonville, Moberly, Mexico or Lake Ozark, MO, our slip and fall accident lawyers are here to represent you.

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Common Conditions Resulting in Slip and Fall Claims in Jefferson City, MO

Accidents are an inevitable part of life. While some slip and fall cases happen by accident, there are a variety of conditions that can increase the likelihood of a slip and fall claim in central Missouri. Many indoor slip and fall accidents occur because the floor is wet, improperly waxed or the carpet is torn. On the other hand, outdoor slip and fall accidents can occur because of ice, snow, inadequate lighting and poor maintenance to landscaping, parking lots or sidewalks. Whether you were injured indoors or out, contact a personal injury attorney to determine if you may receive compensation for your slip and fall accident.

Types of Compensation Personal Injury Attorneys in Mid-Missouri Fight For

Don’t let compensation slip your mind during a personal injury accident. While your priority should be receiving medical attention and tending to injuries, hiring an attorney is crucial to earning compensation for resulting medical bills. The team of attorneys at Carson & Coil can build a strong case for you. Common types of compensation our attorneys fight to achieve in slip and fall cases include:

  1. Pain and suffering
  2. Lost wages
  3. Medical bills
  4. Out-of-pocket expenses

If you recently had a slip and fall accident but are unsure if your scenario would result in a lawsuit, contact Carson & Coil today. Through a free consultation, our team of attorneys will investigate your case and determine how to proceed. With years of experience in personal injury and slip and fall cases, you can trust the lawyers at Carson & Coil.

Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

If you are concerned about filing an accident report, how to receive compensation or holding the negligent company or person liable for your injury, contact our slip and fall attorneys in Jefferson City, MO. Through a variety of personal injury cases, we have developed an award-winning approach to ensure our clients receive the outcomes they deserve. Explore our frequently asked questions then give our team a call for a free consultation on your personal injury case in mid-Missouri.

Who can be held liable in a slip and fall case?

Every slip and fall case may have a number of people or entities potentially responsible for the injury. For example, a property owner and the tenant could be held responsible for the injury if negligence is proven. In addition, if a management company maintains the property, they could be held liable for any injuries that occur there. As you can see, slip and fall cases may get complicated quickly if you do not consult a personal injury attorney. While you may not think hiring an attorney is necessary, it is advised if you wish to hold all parties accountable.

I recently slipped and fell, should I get legal advice?

Before you can receive compensation for a slip and fall injury lawsuit, you must prove liability. This is often the most complicated task and requires an experienced lawyer to evaluate the claim and discuss all potential outcomes. With Carson & Coil’s free initial consultation, you can trust our mid-Missouri personal injury attorneys to begin evaluating your case and help you earn the results you desire. Call today to learn more.

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