Construction Defect

Jefferson City Construction Defect Lawyers

 Purchasing a home or business grounds is a major financial transaction. You may not be a home inspection expert and have only discovered some defects in a new building. If you see one problem, there are probably others.

To fix the problem, it may be possible to force the builder to correct the defect, and it is often urgent to do so before water damage or other problems worsen.

Compensation for Faulty Construction

If you would prefer a different contractor perform the work, you will need monetary compensation from the builder, developer, subcontractor or material supplier whose performance was inadequate.

Our firm represents land owners, homeowners associations, and owners of homes and commercial buildings. One of the most common problems we see is shoddy work that appears to have been hurried, leaving electrical and plumbing defects, landfill subsidence, cracked foundations, pest infestations and mold.

Construction Defects

Another problem is use of defective materials including stucco, roofing materials, concrete and imported sheetrock. Aside from defective materials, our lawyers handle cases involving:

  1. Use of substandard building materials
  2. Failure to disclose defects
  3. Foundation problems
  4. Mold and moisture problems
  5. Improper grading
  6. Roof defects and defective shingles
  7. Building code violations
  8. Structural design flaws

Carson & Coil seeks justice for our clients and compensation for construction defects. We are one of the oldest, largest and most respected firms in outstate Missouri, and we have the resources and the background to handle even the most complex issues. Our firm traces its roots back more than 60 years.

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